Communauté Hellénique de Québec

Πέμπτη, 22 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Greek Mayors in Two Montreal Municipalities

Helen Fotopoulos, a member of the City of Montreal (Quebec) Executive Committee and Cote des Neiges City Councilor, will replace Gérald Tremblay who resigned after witnesses linked him to illegal party financing skimmed from city construction contracts as part of an alleged Mafia scheme.
Many Councilor members supported Fotopoulos to become the next Mayor of Quebec as the Chairman of the Committee, Michael Applebaum, does not speak French well.
In 2001, Fotopoulos joined Tremblay to form Union-Montréal and won three straight elections. She served two terms as Plateau-Mont-Royal borough mayor and is currently CDN city councilor. She is the executive committee member responsible for culture, heritage and women’s issues.
At the same time, in Laval, the largest suburb of Montreal and third largest municipality in the province of Quebec, Greek lawyer Vasilis Aggelopoulos will stand in for Gilles Vaillancour, who is set to resign amid allegations of corruption.

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