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Τρίτη, 2 Απριλίου 2013

Youth Mobility Agreement in Force


images-2According to the Foreign Ministry’s announcement, the Youth Mobility Agreement between Greece and Canada came into force on Feb. 1. The Agreement was signed during Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Greece, back in May 2011, and was ratified by the Hellenic Parliament on Oct.31, 2012.
This pioneering bilateral agreement provides for simplified procedures so that young Greek and Canadian citizens, between 18 and 35 can have the opportunity to travel, reside and work in each other’s country for up to 12 months, under the condition that they satisfy one of the following three prerequisites:
(a) They are graduates of post-secondary or tertiary education institutions and want to gain work experience, with a predetermined employment contract.
(b) They are students at post-secondary or tertiary education institutions and want to do a predetermined internship.
(c) They want to travel for a long vacation with the option of working temporarily to supplement their funds.
Interested Greek citizens may as well consult the Canadian Embassy website in Athens, while Canadian citizens may consult the Greek Embassy website in Ottawa. The necessary prerequisites and related documents will also be uploaded on the websites of the respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

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